Developmental Association

SAADA (The South African Arts and Development Association) launched its Artist Development Program in 2015. Auditions were held country wide with over 1000 people in attendance. After participating in auditions and workshops, 12 artists made it to the top and received recording contracts. This included CiCi who after only 6 months in the industry under the guidance of 999 Music won 2 Metro Awards.

SAADA aims to continue to unearth and develop hidden talent giving more young people in the entertainment and arts industries the opportunities and knowledge they need to succeed. This is not limited to musicians but includes writers, producers, sound technicians, presenters, actors and anyone who is looking to get into the entertainment industry.

There is a wealth of young talent searching for opportunities. SAADA wants to show what this young talent has to offer and what can be achieved through determination and hard work. The key to SAADA’s success stories is education, experience, mentorship and equipping young talent with entrepreneurial skills to make it on their own. This association focusses on making dreams a reality and giving hope to many.